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Scrapple and Specialty Items

Pennsylvania Dutch country has its own deeply rooted and unique culinary culture. Discover our quality line-up of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple and other meat products, like Zook’s meat pies, Jack’s Mountain Bologna, and items you won't find elsewhere.

Take your tastebuds on a trip back down country roads, to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country: Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Order scrapple online as well as other local favorites to send to loved ones outside Lancaster County. Our smoked meats, cheeses, baked goods, and other edibles are a tasty way to serve a bit of nostalgia to those who long for the taste of quality and freshness using proven recipes crafted decades ago by the Stoltzfus family.

For those who miss the hometown tastes of Dutch Country favorites, our online shop makes it possible to have meats and specialty items delivered right to your own kitchen.  Shop for Lancaster favorites, snacks, cheeses for sale, various sweets, and more. Whether shopping for whoopie pies for yourself or hoping to send food gift packages for shipping, discover the premium quality and superior taste of Stoltzfus Meats Specialty Items.

Our smoked meats, cheeses, and baked goods are delicious on their own but can also be used as ingredients in some favorite Pennsylvania Dutch recipes, such as:

Can’t decide which Pennsylvania Dutch food item to purchase? Consider one of our salty and sweet snack gift boxes and assemble an impressive Stoltzfus Meats charcuterie board.

Scrapple and Specialty Items


PA Dutch Scrapple - Stoltzfus Meats
PA Dutch Scrapple

7 reviews
From $9.99
Sweet Bologna - Stoltzfus Meats
Sweet Bologna

2 reviews
From $9.99
Beef Jerky - Stoltzfus Meats
Hamloaf - Stoltzfus Meats
From $10.99
Bacon Burgers - Stoltzfus Meats
Dried Beef - Stoltzfus Meats
Canned Beef, Pork, or Chicken - Stoltzfus Meats
Ring Bologna - Stoltzfus Meats
Ring Bologna
From $8.99
Snack Sticks - Stoltzfus Meats
Snack Sticks

2 reviews
From $9.99
Cottage Bacon - Stoltzfus Meats
Candied Bacon - Stoltzfus Meats
Smoked Turkey - Stoltzfus Meats
Smoked Turkey

1 review
Bacon Jerky - Stoltzfus Meats
Sold Out
Smoked Cheddar Cheese - Stoltzfus Meats
Sold Out
Bomberger's Lebanon Bologna - Stoltzfus Meats
Stoltzfus Sausage Sauce - Stoltzfus Meats
Stoltzfus Sausage Sauce

1 review
Landjaegers - Stoltzfus Meats
Pudding - Stoltzfus Meats

2 reviews
Stoltzfus' Chicken Breading - Stoltzfus Meats
Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese wheel
3 in stock