Born on the Farm

Amos S. Stoltzfus grew up Amish during the Great Depression. Every so often, his family would hold a "butchering day." With twelve siblings, there were always plenty of hands to help. Working together, the family would slaughter and break down hogs into sausage, bacon, hams, and scrapple. As a young man, Amos purchased the family farm and turned this yearly custom into a business.


The Stoltzfus Family Farm


To Market, To Market

In 1954 Amos Stoltzfus and his wife Mary started selling meats and other Lancaster County goods at the New Castle Farmer’s Market in New Castle, Delaware. It was tough going at first and Amos wondered how much longer the business could survive. Mary encouraged him to “give it one more week.” That “one more week” ended up being the first of many profitable weeks, months, and years to come.


Amos and Mary

By 1966, a small retail store was attached to the butcher shop to supply local customers. Soon after, a family-style restaurant (now closed) opened on the Stoltzfus family homestead. The butcher shop expanded in 1969 and 1971 to allow for an increase in production, which grew to 45 hogs slaughtered a week.

A Family Tradition

Amos' sons followed him in the business, with his youngest son Myron taking the helm in 1996. Demand for Stoltzfus Meats’ quality products continued to grow through the 1990s and 2000s. In 2008, a new market stand at the New Castle Farmer’s Market was built followed in 2009 by a new retail store right in the heart of Intercourse. "Amos' Place," a small restaurant, was added to the new store in homage to our founder, who passed away in 2007. 

The Tradition Continues

Led by our CEO, Myron Stoltzfus, and President, Travis Rohrer, Stoltzfus Meats continues to craft high-quality meats in the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. Guided by the tried-and-true recipes and standards of Amos, we create authentic and robust flavors loved by customers all over the world. Stoltzfus Meats now serves many retail stores, market stands, and restaurants throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region–including our original stand at the New Castle Farmer’s Market, where the same hand painted sign from 1954 still hangs.

We make everything fresh in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, from our facility located on the family farm.