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More than a half-century ago, the Stoltzfus family founded a small retail store attached to their butcher shop to sell fresh pork, sausage, bacon, ham, and scrapple. Eventually, the meats products expanded as well as their overall retail offerings.

Stoltzfus Meats now serves numerous retail stores, market stands, and restaurants throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region with fresh meat delivery service in person and online.

Additionally, their online butcher shop serves favorite pork products, as well as beef, poultry, baked goods, bulk items, and numerous PA Dutch foods so well-loved across Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. We’re happy to be among the best online meat delivery providers around. We add no fillers to our products and many of our meats products are Amish-raised, including cage-free poultry.

Our scrapple and traditional Pa Dutch food meat pies are top-sellers among the products you’ll find on our online butcher shop. Browse our products and you’ll find tempting meat products from local favorites like cottage bacon to international favorites like smoked bolognas and sausage grillers.

We gather all sorts of snacks and baked goods into gift packages available for sale online so you can share a taste of PA Dutch foods with loved ones outside the county. From whoopie pies and Hammond pretzels to Amish peanut butter spread and bacon varieties, our specialty meat, cheese, and snack gift packages are a treat for anyone.

We ship our meat products out frozen so that they stay cold longer. For those who seek shelf-stable snacks, we have a collection of bologna, jerky, snack sticks, and more which can be used for camping trips, backpacking, and other outdoor activities without the need to refrigerate.

Browse our online butcher shop and product inventory of meat favorites that help satisfy retail locations and wholesale customers in farmer markets and grocery stores all along the East Coast (but are now available to you!)

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