Shelf Stable

Shelf Stable

Automatic 10% Off Select Shelf Stable Products for the Month of April. A collection of shelf-stable products that do not require refrigeration until after opening. Perfect for camping, hunting, or outdoor activities! A nice way to bring some protein along without having to worry about keeping it cold. Thanks to the magic of all-natural citric acid, our shelf-stable products keep without having to refrigerate!

Looking for shelf-stable meat products perfect for backpacking? Our beef jerky, bacon jerky, and landjaegers (sausage treats) pack easily and are perfect for a hike, hunt, or camping trip. Dry-smoked treats like these remain delicious without the need for refrigeration and they’re portable for quick snacking on the go. 

Many of our shelf stable products are a delicious source of protein made without unnatural preservatives. Make a hefty meal with shelf stable meat snacks like Big Valley Beef Bologna or graze throughout your hike by enjoying items in our Country Snacker.

You can bring meat on your backpack trip! Our online store of shelf stable meats provides the best options in on-the-go jerky items and trail snacks to have on hand, ready for snacking at a moment’s notice.

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