Fundraise with Stoltzfus Meats

The Perks

You only pay for what you sell, and we don't require any minimum order amounts in order for you to raise funds. 

We'll create an order sheet for your organization, as well as allow you on-line sales access through our website during a set period of time. We'll even provide you with complimentary product samples that you can share with your organization so that they know exactly what they're selling! 

After your selling period comes to an end we can arrange for a product pick up, or ship to those customers who opted to shop on-line from afar. At that time any unpaid sales amounts are due and we'll quickly cut you a check thereafter.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Dena at or give her a ring at 855-747-6328 for more information about setting up your Stoltzfus Meats fundraiser.