Zook's Meat Pies

1.2 lb

Zook's makes its delicious and nutritious chicken, sausage, and beef pies from scratch--and you can taste it! A quick and easy meal, their meat pies can be put directly from the freezer into the oven. Run by a local Amish family, this is a homemade local favorite not to be missed. Aiming for quality, their sausage pies are made with Stoltzfus Meats' Sausage.

Zook’s meat pies are some of the best homemade meat pies on the market. Whether you choose the chicken pies, beef, or sausage, Zook’s meat pies make delicious, nutritious meals a cinch. Order individual meat pies to be delivered right to your home, business, or restaurant. 8 inches in diameter. 

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