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Stoltzfus Sausage Sandwich

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Over the years, we have developed and sold many different meat products. From fresh sausage to smoked hams to bacon, we take pride in producing and selling high quality products. As time goes on, some products just seem to stand out above the rest and take on the title of being a signature product.

Take our kettle-cooked scrapple, for example. We have been using the same scrapple recipe for decades! Or the special cures in our bacon and ham. But perhaps the most well-known recipe of ours is original pork sausage, which is sold as rope sausage, loose sausage, and in breakfast link or griller form.

This product is made using the same world-famous family recipe that has been used since the company started in the 1950s. It is one of the very first products that Amos Stoltzfus, the founder, made and sold at the New Castle Farmers’ Market. Since then, this product has been sold at both of our retail locations and purchased wholesale for distribution to local markets and grocery stores.

Stoltzfus Sausage Sandwiches in buns on a serving pan

While our original sausage grillers can be enjoyed on their own, they have gained the most popularity being used to make a sausage sandwich. Fun fact: our Stoltzfus Sausage Sandwich® is actually a trademarked product! This sandwich is one of the menu items at Amos’ Place Restaurant in our Intercourse, PA location and always a favorite at the Intercourse Heritage Days event in June each year.

grilling sausages at Intercourse Heritage Days

Stoltzfus Meats sausage grillers cooking on the grill

Traditionally, the Stoltzfus Sausage Sandwich® is made with our original grillers, but we think they’re just as delicious with any flavor of our sausage grillers. Try a sausage sandwich with a sweet Italian griller, or maybe cheddar cheese is more your speed, or you could try a smoked bacon cheddar griller sausage sandwich for a fun twist!


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