#TBT: Restaurant Beginnings

Stoltzfus Meats workers opening their home for tourists to take meals in the 1960s

Stoltzfus Meats |

Here is what the current Stoltzfus Meats owner’s son, Zach, said about the above photo:

“This photo is from when my great-grandparents opened up their home for tourists to take meals in the 60’s. Some of the tourists who came through their doors would shoot photos and video footage… It is from the summertime, the time of year that they typically hosted tourists. Later, my grandmother Mary (right) opened the restaurant with the purpose of offering these types of meals from April-October.”

Fun fact: Anna (pictured on the left above) is still a current Stoltzfus Meats employee, serving customers at our New Castle, DE location since our market stands opened in 1954. We are so thankful for her!

Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant

This act of hospitality from the Stoltzfus family many generations ago was the inspiration for entering the restaurant scene. The restaurant that Zach mentioned his grandmother opening was the Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant which was a family-style restaurant that operated on the Stoltzfus Homestead until 2012.

family-style meal at the Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant
A typical family-style meal at the Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant consisted of PA Dutch favorites, such as broasted chicken, sweet corn, sausage, gravy, potatoes, and so much more!

Amos’ Place

In 2009, Stoltzfus Meats opened our current restaurant, Amos’ Place, inside our retail store in the heart of Intercourse, PA. The restaurant offers a wide selection of sandwiches, including our signature Sausage Sandwiches®, burgers and wraps. We also offer salads, soups, and broasted chicken, which was a very popular item from our previous restaurant. Amos’ Place also has an extensive breakfast menu if you visit between 6 and 10:30 in the morning.

Amos's Place sign

It’s so fun to look back at these older pictures and think about where we started in the restaurant industry and how things have changed over the years. A couple things have remained: our commitment to serving high-quality, delicious foods and the incredible support from our loyal customers! If you ever enjoyed a meal at Stoltzfus Family Restaurant or Amos’ Place Restaurant, comment below and tell us your favorite menu item!

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