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Rachel Sandwich

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Sweet summertime! For a lot of us, kids are finishing up their school years which means a lot more time spent at home. More time spent at home seems to mean more laundry, dishes, and cooking. Am I right?!

During the school year, some of us get a break with our children buying lunch at school, but during the summer, lunchtime is on us! Allow us to help simplify your summer schedule with a few creative sandwich ideas to switch up lunchtime and offer some inspiration for your mid-day meal!

Rachel Sandwich

A delicious twist on a classic turkey sandwich, the Rachel takes lunch to whole new level! With the simple additions of coleslaw and thousand island dressing, your turkey sandwich has instantly gone up a few notches.

Rachel Sandwich ingredients on a plate ready for assembly
prepped and ready Rachel Sandwich

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Turkey Ranch Roll-ups

By mixing a few ingredients together, spreading it on a tortilla, and adding some turkey, you have fun Turkey Ranch Roll-ups that will help you to escape the humdrum of traditional sandwiches.

Turkey Ranch Roll-ups ingredients on a plate ready for assembly
completed Turkey Ranch Roll-ups plate

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Baked Ham & Cheese Sliders

Another way to bump up the fun on a classic sandwich, these Baked Ham & Cheese Sliders are a super simple, delicious way to prepare a hot lunch for the whole family!

Baked Ham & Cheese Sliders ingredients on a plate ready for assembly
Baked Ham & Cheese Sliders in a casserole dish

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We hope you enjoy these fun, fresh recipes to enhance your sandwich game! If you try any of them, please be sure to tag us on social media at Stoltzfus Meats & Deli on Facebook and @stoltzfusmeats on Instagram.

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