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Stoltzfus Meats Johnny, Lillian, Jason, and James

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This week’s “Meat” & Greet is a special family edition! We interviewed the three “J’s,” Johnny, Jason, and James, who all play an important role at Stoltzfus Meats.

Johnny is the manager of our retail store and deli in Intercourse, PA. Jason serves as the manager of our Amos’ Place Restaurant and bakery. Last, but not least, James works in the distribution department of our wholesale plant. He also often helps at the store’s deli counter or runs the dishwasher for the restaurant on Saturdays.  In case you were wondering: yes, these three are related! Jason and James are brothers and Johnny is their father.

Fun fact: Johnny’s wife, Lillian (pictured above), and Jason’s wife, Nichole (pictured below) are Stoltzfus Meats employees as well; helping out at the store or restaurant during busy seasons and at special events, such as Intercourse Heritage Days.


Q: How long have you been with Stoltzfus Meats? What are the different roles you have had?
Johnny: I started in toward the end of 1995. I started out as an assistant manager at the store. Then I became the store manager about a year later and that’s what I’ve been ever since.
Jason: I’ve been at Stoltzfus Meats since 2001. This September will be 20 years. I started at age 14 as a dishwasher. I’ve been a dishwasher, meat clerk, shelf stocker, assistant meat manager, the online sales manager, and my current title is restaurant manager.
James: Oh my goodness. Well, I started when I was 14 years old, so 6 years. I started off in the restaurant in the prep area. Then I washed dishes for a year or two. Then I went to the deli side and I worked just there for a while. Then I started working in both the restaurant and the deli, doing a few days here and a few days there. Mostly helping Jason in the restaurant. After that I started in distribution at the plant. I’ve been at the plant for a little over two years. I still do the deli on Saturdays sometimes.
Johnny preparing spareribs for the Stoltzfus Meats retail case in the mid-1990s
Johnny preparing spareribs for the retail case in the mid-1990s.
Q: What are your main responsibilities in your role?
Johnny: I order product [for the store and deli case], update prices, and just help wherever needed. When I first started, I was on the grill, I did everything. Before we moved to our current location, I was making sandwiches on the grill. We didn’t have near as much staff.
Jason: My main responsibility is being in charge of day-to-day operations and  managing a team of people at our Intercourse, PA location. I oversee the bakery and the restaurant mainly. I also oversee some of the farmhouse operations.
James: I make sure everything is ready for when a wholesale customer picks up. Get the deliveries out on time. Keep all of our inventory organized and rotated.
 James pulling product from one of the Stoltzfus Meat plant coolers
James pulling product from one of the coolers at our plant to fill a wholesale order.
Q: What is your favorite Stoltzfus Meats product?
Johnny: Probably cheddar cheese grillers. I also like the bacon burgers, which is a product we make at the store.
Jason: Bacon, definitely. At Amos’ Place, my favorite item is the sausage cheesesteak. It is super good because it has the sweet Italian sausage.
James: That’s difficult. I don’t know if I have a favorite. I like our bacon – our bacon is good. I like our breakfast at Amos’ Place. The breakfast bowl is really good.
 Jason and Nichole with their daughters at Intercourse Heritage Days
Jason and Nichole with their daughters at Intercourse Heritage Days.
Q: What is your favorite place to go on vacation?
Johnny: Definitely Florida because it’s warm. I’m not a cold weather guy.
Q: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Jason: Patient, supportive, fun-loving.
Q: What do you like to do when you’re not at work?
James: I like to golf. I’m terrible at it, but I still try. I play video games. I like to travel and visit different places. In the past couple of years I went to Florida, New York, and Michigan.

As a family business, we, at Stoltzfus Meats, think it is very special when family members can all use their talents and skills with the same company. We are so thankful for Johnny, Jason, and James (and Lillian and Nichole) and the different roles they play within Stoltzfus Meats!

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