Jack's Mountain Q&A with Myron Stoltzfus

Jack's Mountain Q&A with Myron Stoltzfus

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We are so excited to be sharing our new Jack's Mountain beef bologna with you! This product is part of a new line of products that are hand-crafted and specifically developed by the owner of Stoltzfus Meats, Myron Stoltzfus.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Myron and get more information about the creation and inspiration of the Jack's Mountain line. Here is what he had to say:


Q: What is Jack’s Mountain and why is it significant to you?
A: Jack’s Mountain is a mountain in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania that has been called Jack’s Mountain for over 200 years. It begins in an area called “the narrows,” which is at the beginning of Big Valley, which is where Belleville is located. For me personally, Jack’s Mountain is significant because Belleville is where my grandmother was born and lived until she married my grandfather. My grandfather traveled to Belleville as a young man with friends to hunt deer during hunting season. While there, my grandfather went to an Amish “singin’” and he met my grandmother. In the time that he courted my grandmother, he would travel from his home in New Holland in Lancaster County to Belleville by train. By doing so, he passed through the gap in the mountains known as the narrows and the foot of Jack’s Mountain. Something about that mountain is nostalgic to me knowing that he passed by it often. I feel a connection to that area.
Q: Why did you want to create a line of product named after Jack’s Mountain?
A: I ended up building a smokehouse at our family cabin, which is located at the foot of Jack’s Mountain, for some of my own personal curing and smoking of meats. As a family project with my children and grandchildren, we would sometimes smoke meats in that smokehouse. We used the long, slow, time-honored process of deep smoking the meat, which yielded a product that I remembered eating as a child. It had a depth of flavor that was just incredible. I was able to duplicate that process to a larger scale so that we could offer a line of Jack’s Mountain products from our wholesale plant to customers. Basically, we created something we loved and wanted to share it with everyone. That is kind of at the core of everything we do. Everything we make is something we’re proud of and want to share with others. It’s deeper than just selling great meat products; I consider it an expression of my personality and a way to share hospitality with those I care about.
*Side note: if you want to see Myron's handmade smokehouse in action, you can watch him smoke a personal batch of bacon in this video.
Q: What makes this product line unique or different?
A: The Jack’s Mountain line is certainly a more “hand-crafted,” “artisan-style” line than most of our other products. This line is more heavily smoked and has a greater focus on the smoking process. I would call it more of an art than a science and something that reflects old-fashioned traditions of the smoking process.
Q: Tell us about the first product released: the Jack’s Mountain beef bologna.
A: For the beef bologna, I wanted to create a product that was shelf stable, or doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and to enhance the flavor of our traditional sweet bologna. A major component in producing Jack’s Mountain beef bologna is the smoking process, which again, is a deeper, denser smoke. Personally, I think this Jack’s Mountain beef bologna is one of my favorite products that Stoltzfus Meats makes. While our sweet bologna is an award-winning bologna, this ratcheted that quality up to a new level. We took something great and made it even better. I’m excited to be getting some really good feedback on this product and we’re happy to start sharing it with everyone! I’m also looking forward to continuing to develop some other products to add to this line in the future.

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What great memories at your family cabin! It seems that Jack’s Mountain has touched the hearts of many. We hope you enjoy this beef bologna when you try it!

Stoltzfus Meats,

I am so excited to try this new bologna. My Mother’s Yoder family homestead is on Front Mountain Road. Straight down from the Jack’s Mt cross. ( Now hidden by the trees). My mother was one of 12 children. They built our family cabin in 1960. Nothing fancy, but full of love. My best childhood memories are of playing with my cousins, nestled in the trees of Jack’s Mountain. Sometimes we would harvest the birch branches, by the cross and make birch beer.
Jack’s mountain is a magical place.

W Parks,

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