The History of Hospitality

The History of Hospitality

Cayla Stoltzfoos |

Hospitality plays a crucial role in the values and foundation of Stoltzfus Meats as a company. We realize that food and hospitality often go hand-in-hand, as most get togethers are done around the table. In our company’s guiding document, The Stoltzfus Way, it states that we consider ourselves “privileged guests, invited to [the customers’] tables to provide the centerpiece for some of the most important meals friends and family share.”

The above picture shows one of the ways hospitality has been deeply ingrained in our company. One of our long-time employees, Anna, shared with us the story of this photo. Anna is the sister-in-law of the Stoltzfus Meats founder, Amos, and currently works in the bakery stand at our New Castle Farmers’ Market.

Anna's Story

“This photo is a picture of students from Hilo, Hawaii visiting my parents’ family farm in New Holland, PA. The photo was likely taken around 1947, which is a year after my parents, Isaac (pictured above left, sitting on the wagon) and Ada (pictured above to the right of the wagon), opened our family home and farm for tours.
“My parents started offering tours because it was a good supplement to farming. They partnered with Brunswick Hotel in Lancaster, PA, which was a prominent hotel at the time, to offer tours to guests who were visiting from out of the area and looking for an authentic PA Dutch experience. My parents also worked closely with the local school district to provide tours to students who were visiting through exchange programs. Pictured above right, sitting on the wagon, is the district superintendent at the time who would have organized the trip for the students from Hawaii.
"Our family offered these tours from 1946 to 1951 and the visit consisted of a homemade meal and a tour of the farm. My mother, Ada, would prepare a traditional meal of ham, homemade, hand-rolled chicken pot pie, vegetables, and a salad followed by her special chocolate cake made from scratch. These meals were served family-style and cost between $2.50 and $3.50 per person.
"After the meal, the visitors would tour the farm and my brother, 'Buck,' would let his well-trained horse, Trigger, show off some of his tricks to the guests.”

We are so thankful for Anna and the many stories she is willing to share about the history of the company! This practice of hosting visitors for meals at the family farm is what inspired the opening of the Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant, which was operated as a part of Stoltzfus Meats from 1969 to 2012. Over the years of hosting guests from out of town, Anna shared that she met many well-known people including Walt Disney, Grace Kelly, Dick Martin, Dan Rowan, and Henry Winkler.

We hope that this theme of hospitality permeates all of Stoltzfus Meats' operations and interactions with visitors and customers, and that when you visit one of our locations, you feel welcomed and appreciated!

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