Introducing: Jack's Mountain Beef Bologna

Introducing: Jack's Mountain Beef Bologna

Cayla Stoltzfoos |

We are so excited to be announcing our new product line: Jack’s Mountain. The first product from this line is a beef bologna that we know you will love!

Our Jack’s Mountain beef bologna is perfect for snacking and shelf-stable, meaning that it can be safely stored and consumed without refrigeration. This makes it great for taking on a camping or hunting trip or using as a stocking stuffer as we approach the holiday season. This product is made with lean, high-quality beef and has a slightly sweet, tangy taste from the natural preservative of citric acid.

This specialty Jack’s Mountain line is inspired by the owner of Stoltzfus Meats, Myron Stoltzfus. In the coming weeks, we’ll learn more from Myron about the development of this product line, but in short, it was an idea that he had while smoking meats in his hand-made smokehouse in the shadow of Jack’s Mountain in Belleville, PA.


Jack's Mountain Beef Bologna

Because it is shelf-stable, this is the perfect snack to take with you on your next camping or hunting trip.

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So that you know a bit more about this new product, we wanted to answer a few commonly asked questions.

What is Beef Bologna?

Beef bologna is a cured smoked meat product made up of, you guessed it, beef. The first step is to grind the beef and add seasonings for flavor. This beef mixture is tightly stuffed into nets to create the size and shape of the product. Once the nets are stuffed, they get hung on a rack and smoked with a special smoke program specifically crafted for this product.

Is Beef Bologna the Same as Sweet Bologna?

The short answer is no, beef bologna is not always the same as sweet bologna. While most sweet bolognas are beef bolognas, there are other kinds of beef bologna that are not sweet bolognas. Without getting too technical, for a product to be sweet bologna, there are a lot of guidelines that must be met when it comes to pH levels and composition of that product.

What Does Shelf Stable Mean and What Makes Meat Shelf Stable?

The definition of shelf stable is a product that does not require refrigeration before opening. Shelf stable products are ready-to-eat foods, meaning that no preparation or heating is needed before consumption. Often, shelf stable products have longer shelf lives.

In the case of Jack’s Mountain beef bologna, this product is shelf stable because it has been formulated with the perfect water content and pH levels to create conditions in which refrigeration is not required. We also use a natural preservative of citric acid, which is what also provides that delicious sweet, tangy flavor.

Where Can I Purchase Jack’s Mountain Beef Bologna?

This new beef bologna is available at both of our retail locations in Intercourse, PA and New Castle, DE. Additionally, you can order it online to be shipped directly to your house!

This product is the perfect snack food with cheese and crackers, or all on its own. As we said earlier, Jack’s Mountain beef bologna is a must for any hunting or camping trip this fall and with the holidays quickly approaching, it would be the perfect stocking stuffer or treat to take for the host of your family get-togethers.

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