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Stoltzfus Family Dairy Creamline Milk


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If you’re looking for milk with that farm fresh taste, you’re looking for Creamline milk. Creamline milk is the most natural form of milk. This milk is made through traditional practices with a minimal amount of processing. It is pasteurized just like most milk found on store shelves, but not homogenized.

Homogenization is the high-pressure process of breaking up fat in cream to such a small size they dissolve into the rest of the milk. Bypassing this process gives you the proverbial “cream line” at the top of each bottle. 

To enjoy our milk at its best, just give your bottle a quick shake. Or, if you prefer, pour off the luscious cream for use in your coffee, butter, ice cream, or whipped cream. Either way, you’re sure to love Stoltzfus Dairy Creamline Milk.

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