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Mocha Latte


We are bringing another fantastic flavor to you all! Mocha Latte flavored Creamline Milk! 12 oz per bottle.

Stoltzfus Family Dairy knows that there are absolutely no shortcuts to get the rich, luscious, healthy flavor you’ll find in a bottle of their delicious Creamline milks. This is why they start with the milk in its most natural form, known as Creamline. While it is pasteurized just like most milk found on store shelves in your local supermarket or corner store, however, our milk is not homogenized. Studies have shown that non-homogenized milks can aid in the digestion process and help you to properly utilize the proteins found in milk.

In keeping with our shared commitment to using only the finest ingredients, they've partnered with Utica Coffee Roasting Company! They source only the highest quality coffee beans from around the world, roast them fresh, and supply us with a brew that will wake you up and excite your taste buds!

To enjoy our milk at its best, just give it a quick shake and pour. We hope you are as excited as we are! Cheers!

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