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Gene Wenger's Famous Hamloaf


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We are proud to be the sole on-line provider of this legendary product, known for it's taste and quality. Gene Wenger's special ham loaf recipe is like meatloaf but made with smoked pork instead of ground beef. Our Pennsylvania Dutch ham loaf (Amish ham loaf) has a smoky sweet flavor with a moist and delicate texture. Pair with cheesy scalloped potatoes and fresh garden peas for a simple yet elevated take on this farmhouse classic. Comes in a foil container with cooking instructions. Ham loaf is a quick, easy, and delicious component to a meal destined to evoke warm memories. Delicate, savory, and delicious.
Cooking instructions: for 1.5 lb hamloaf, cook at 350 for one hour (or internal temperature of 165), for 2.5 lb hamloaf at 350 for two hours (or internal temperature of 165).
Pennsylvania Dutch ham loaf is some of Lancaster County cooking at its best.

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