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Canned Beef, Pork, or Chicken


Before refrigeration became commonplace, meat was preserved by salting or canning. Canning gives meat a hearty flavor perfect for stew, soup, or heated and served on toast. Our canned meats provide a quick and easy way to add protein to any meal, with the added benefit of keeping for years. The only ingredients are beef, chicken, or pork and sea salt. No artificial preservatives added! The perfect shelf stable item for stocking your pantry for rainy day!
Our shelf-stable meat in a can provides essential nutrients and are incredibly convenient and versatile. Our delicious, canned meats include beef, pork, or chicken to provide some of the best canned food for ready-to-eat meals. 14.5 oz. per can.
Sold by the can or in a sampler featuring 1 can of each of our three canned meats!
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