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Shelf Stable Meat

Some of the most common ways to preserve meat to make it shelf stable include salting, smoking, and drying. However, our shelf stable meat here at Stoltzfus Meats is preserved using citric acid, which is a natural and safe, healthy alternative to using excessive salt.

Since shelf stable meats can be stored at room temperature outside of the refrigerator without spoiling, this makes them a common shelf stable food item for people to take with them when hiking, backpacking, camping, or doing other types of outdoor exploration. Bring along some crackers and some shelf stable cheese to make your meals and snacks even more exciting!

We offer a wide selection of shelf stable meats including shelf stable bacon & beef jerky, bologna, sausage sticks, and more.

Shelf Stable Meat


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Bacon Jerky - Stoltzfus Meats
Beef Jerky - Stoltzfus Meats
Beef Jerky
From $9.99
Canned Beef, Pork, or Chicken - Stoltzfus Meats
Jack's Mountain Beef Bologna
Jack's Mountain Knapsack package including half pound of beef jerky, a pack of bacon jerky, Jack's mountain bologna, Ike's traditional snack sticks, and honey BBQ snack sticks.
Landjaegers - Stoltzfus Meats