Stoltzfus gift baskets - the perfect gift!

Stoltzfus gift baskets - the perfect gift!

Jacki Weaver |

Now that we’ve passed Thanksgiving, you may be trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list. Shopping for a foodie or someone who loves all things PA Dutch? Might we suggest a gift basket from Stoltzfus Meats? We have a few gift boxes available on our website that can ship to your recipient, and we also have a variety of pre-made gift baskets (both refrigerated and shelf-stable) available in our retail store in Intercourse, PA.

If you’d like to completely customize a gift basket, though, and include some of your favorite products from Stoltzfus Meats – it’s incredibly easy to do so! We have a variety of sizes of baskets inside the entrance, and you can fill them with anything we have inside of our store.

We put together a quick gift basket for a friend who likes to snack, which you can see below. We included two types of meat, two types of cheese, a pack of crackers, a small jar of mustard, and a package of toffee.

When selecting the items for your gift basket, if you’re planning for it to be used for charcuterie, we’d recommend selecting 3 oz of meat and cheese per person if it will be used for an appetizer or 6 oz of meat and cheese per person if it will be used for a meal. Our specialty foods section can help round out your basket with a variety of crackers, pretzels, nuts, dips, jams, and chocolates.

Giving a custom gift basket this year? Make sure to snap a picture of it and tag us in it on social media!


Todd- fantastic! You can click on the gift boxes tab at the top of our website to start your order :)

Stoltzfus Meats,

would like to order a giftbasket online.

Todd Chavey,

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