Picking the Perfect Sized Ham

Picking the Perfect Sized Ham

Cayla Stoltzfoos |

As Easter quickly approaches, we have been sharing information about our Stoltzfus Meats hams and how to pick the perfect ham for your family meal. Last week we talked about what makes Stoltzfus Meats hams different and earlier this week we talked about the different types of Stoltzfus Meats hams. Today, we’re coming at you with one more thing to keep in mind when selecting your holiday ham. And that is ham size.

We offer hams from as little as three pounds to as big as 22 plus pounds. It can be difficult to know how much ham you will need for your meal. To make it simpler for you, here is a chart that will help you determine what size of ham to select depending on how many people you are serving:

Whole Ham

12-14 lbs

14-16 lbs

16-18 lbs

Dinner Serves:




Buffet Serves:





Half Ham

7-8 lbs

8-9 lbs

9-10 lbs

Dinner Serves:




Buffet Serves:





If you ever have questions about what size ham to purchase at one of our retail locations, please ask one of our employees. We would be glad to help you figure out what will work best for you! That wraps up our series about Stoltzfus Meats hams! We hope you learned a little something and feel confident picking out the perfect Easter ham for your family meal.

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