Life in Lancaster County: Summer Sights

Life in Lancaster County: Summer Sights

Cayla Stoltzfoos |

We know that Lancaster County is a major tourist destination and attracts many out-of-town visits each year. As a business that is owned by a Lancaster County native and whose headquarters operates in the heart of the Lancaster County, we would hope that we have some idea of some of the best places to check out while you’re in the area.

With that being said, we want to share a few suggestions of things to do in summer in Lancaster County. Some of these ideas are “off the beaten path” and not your typical “tourist trap” ideas, but definitely things that us locals think are worth checking out!


Stoltzfus Meats & Amos’ Place Restaurant

Alright, guys, you know we had to do it. It just wouldn’t be right if we were advising you on places to visit while in Lancaster County and didn’t mention our store and restaurant. Our store has a large variety of locally-made food items. From our own smoked meats and baked goods to our large deli case selection to lots of snack and candy options, there is sure to be something for everyone. You can purchase ice packs and a cooler from the store to load up on your favorite items and keep them fresh on the ride to your hotel or back home.

Also, while you’re visiting us, be sure to grab breakfast or lunch at Amos’ Place Restaurant, which is located inside our retail store. You can try our trademarked Stoltzfus Sausage Sandwich®, a fresh salad, our broasted chicken, or any of our other delicious menu items.

To find out more, visit us on our website!

Lapp Valley Farm

Lancaster County has no shortage of amazing ice cream venues, but we really think that Lapp Valley Farm is one of the best. Their ice cream, which is made right there on the farm, is exceptionally creamy and rich. I personally recommend getting two scoops in their homemade waffle cones. Many locals visit Lapp Valley on a regular basis to purchase their milk and probably often treat themselves to some ice cream as well.

The ice cream shop is located right on the farm so while you eat your ice cream you can stroll around. There are almost always kittens to be found and, of course, cows and calves. As one of my coworkers recently said “you’ve never really lived until you’ve had a calf lick your fingers” and this is certainly an item you can check off your list while at Lapp Valley.

For their address and contact information, check them out online here.

Sights & Experiences

Chickies Rock Overlook Trail

If hiking is your thing, we have a perfect trail recommendation for you! This trail is on the edge of Lancaster County and a bit out of the way of the main tourist areas, but definitely worth the drive. According to, the trail is just under a mile long and considered an easy route. However, the trail brings you to the edge of the Susquehanna River where you can get an amazing view.

Visit the alltrails website for more information!

Lancaster Central Market

Rich in history and located right in downtown Lancaster City, Lancaster Central Market is another popular destination among locals and visitors alike. Lancaster Central Market is a traditional farmers’ market that has a variety of stands selling anything from locally-made baked goods to fresh produce to handmade home décor to ethnic food options. There is surely something for everyone here and it is booming with energy on market days!

Visit their website for information about current vendors and their hours.

Family Friendly Experiences

Historic Ephrata Cloister

If you’re looking for an educational experience, the Historic Ephrata Cloister is a great option! A community established in 1732, this historic site has been preserved to appear mostly like the original community would have looked. You can choose whether you want to take a self-guided tour that utilizes your phone for some additional information or you can choose to go on a guided tour where your tour guide will take you inside many of the main buildings on the grounds.

Find out more information on their website!

Strasburg Railroad

The Strasburg Railroad is an experience the whole family will love! You can tour the grounds at the railroad that includes an incredible railroad museum as well as take a train ride through Lancaster County. According to their website, the Strasburg Railroad is America’s oldest operating railroad and will give visitors an authentic steam railroad experience. This stop is sure to be a family favorite!

To buy tickets for the railroad or see everything they have to offer, check out their website.

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