Introducing: Big ValleyBacon

Introducing: Big ValleyBacon

Dena Krebs |

My Journey into crafting our Big Valley bacon starts with the partnership with local farm families that raise Premium Duroc Heritage Hogs.  This breed is known around the World for their superior genetics. The hogs are fed a special all-grain diet and are never given any hormones or antibiotics. You will notice ruby red pork with the highest level of marbling, juiciness, and tenderness.   The exceptional meat quality is coupled with a time-honored process.  I adhere to the age-old tradition of slow smoking, with a blend of hickory and apple wood that started off with a smoker built by my grandfather.

My technique, perfected over the years, traces its roots to the sprawling expanse of the Big Valley. This was the very place where my grandfather, well over a century ago, would make regular pilgrimages in pursuit of my grandmother’s affections. It is in the hallowed tradition of this remarkable valley that I have fine-tuned my method to produce bacon that has become to coveted prize of both discerning restaurant owners and devoted consumers alike.

This bacon, celebrated for its exquisite tenderness, artful marbling, and tantalizing juiciness, has earned its place as a beloved, flavorful delight that harkens back to the basics.


J. Myron Stoltzfus



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Stoltzfus Meats

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