Our Philosophy

Our "Premium Quality, Superior Taste" philosophy starts with quality ingredients. These ingredients are combined according to the same tried-and-true family recipes used for generations. This focus on quality directly impacts the final taste of the product. By paying close attention to the quality of our ingredients, and by monitoring production every step of the way for quality, we assure that customers receive products with amazing tastes not found in their grocery store. 

Our Smokehouses

Our smokehouses are made in Germany and run on hickory wood chips and love. Carefully tended to every day and monitored 24/7, our smokehouses are a key part of the science involved in our production methods. Because we smoke many of our products for much longer than other meat companies, our smokehouses run almost constantly. Longer time in the smokehouse means more flavor and is part of our emphasis on quality. 

Going Green

Using solar power and a generator, we are able to stay up and running even during power outages, which helps us keep our cool. It also helps save on energy costs. Along with recyclable shipping materials, solar technology is one of the ways we help keep our business operations environmentally friendly. 

Customers First

Customers are the lifeblood of our business. Our aim is to make sure that our customers are not just satisfied, but that our foods help form the centerpiece of memorable meals shared between family and friends. Our online customer service team is available to help answer questions and address concerns M-F, 9-5 (EST) at: myorder@stoltzfusmeats.com.