We have a great lineup of Food Trucks scheduled for BaconFest 2024! In keeping with the theme, each Food Truck will be offering a unique take on bacon in their menu, as well as donating a portion of their profits to a local charity, "bacon" a difference in our community!

Food Trucks Lined up for BaconFest 2024:


Scott's Artisan Wood Fired Pizza 

Featured Bacon Item: Bacon-Topped Pizza. Featured Charity: Clinic for Special Children.

Albie's Fresh Burgers and Crab Cakes

Featured Bacon Item: Bacon Cheeseburger. Featured Charity: Intercourse Fire Company.

Penny's Ice Cream

Featured Bacon Item: Maple Bacon Ice Cream. Featured Charity: The Factory Ministries.

Pretzel Place Food Truck

Featured Charity: 4-H Swine Club

Skip's Food Truck

Featured Charity: Lion's Club

Cupcakes by Casey

Featured Bacon Item: Maple Bacon Cupcakes. Featured Charity: Intercourse Library.

Lynn and Gray Coffee Co.

Featured Bacon Item: Bacon Pastry. Featured Charity: Pequea Valley Education Foundation