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What is the Difference Between Scrapple and Pudding?

What is the Difference Between Scrapple and Pudding?

We often get asked the question: what is the difference between scrapple and pudding? It's a great question! Both scrapple and pudding have similar ingredients. But there are crucial differences between the two.

Both scrapple and pudding are made from a mixture of pork, pork skins, pork livers, and seasonings. The main difference is that scrapple also has cornmeal and buckwheat flour added to this mixture. The cornmeal and buckwheat flour (both gluten free) help bind the various ingredients together. A slice of scrapple can be fried and, if handled correctly, stay together as one piece.

Pudding, on the other hand, does not have cornmeal and buckwheat flour added. As a result of these missing ingredients, it has a stronger liver flavor. It also will not stay together as it is cooked. 

So which is better? Most people prefer scrapple. But we also have our pudding die-hards! Pudding is an item that is harder and harder to find. We still make ours using a generations-old recipe. 

People who enjoy pudding will often eat it with eggs or toast. Another great way to enjoy pudding is over top of a slice of fried mush. Mush is a loaf of cornmeal that fries up perfectly and goes great paired with eggs and breakfast meat. Some pudding aficionados like to pour their pudding over their mush then top the whole thing off with fresh maple syrup. The taste is amazing. Which do you prefer, scrapple or pudding? Let us know in the comments! 


Scrapple with syrup is ok, but pudding is my favorite (on toast). Thanks for still making it!

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