Turkey Bacon: A Healthier Bacon Option?

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If you're looking to start eating healthier, turkey bacon is a great option. Maybe you're looking to cut down on calories or you're trying to reduce your sodium intake. Either way, turkey bacon is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional pork bacon. And for those who do not consume pork for religious or cultural reasons, it is always great to have a turkey option.

Turkey bacon can be enjoyed in many ways. It can be cooked and eaten like pork bacon, or used as a replacement for pork bacon in recipes. Turkey bacon is delicious on its own, or added to other dishes for flavor and texture. One of our favorite uses is in a classic bacon sandwich! There's nothing like a bacon sandwich with a warm, crusty piece of bread.

How is turkey bacon made?

Turkey bacon is usually made from turkey thighs and turkey breasts. It's formed from finely chopping or grinding turkey meat, seasoning it, and putting it in a press to form bacon-like strands. The smoking process gives turkey bacon its signature flavor, a flavor similar to its pork cousin. The overall result is a delicious and healthier alternative to pork bacon.

Many companies will use an emulsifying process that uses the bones and cartilage and turns into a paste that is put back into the turkey meat. At Stoltzfus Meats, we don’t use this process. Our turkey bacon is made from 100% turkey thighs that are pressed, chopped, and smoked for a superior bacon product. We believe in keeping our products emulsion-free and delicious!

Is turkey bacon healthy?

Less Saturated Fat

If you're looking for a healthy bacon option, turkey bacon is the perfect choice. It's lower in fat and calories while being higher in protein than regular pork bacon. The key is saturated fat. Turkey can be lower in saturated fat than pork belly, which is where pork bacon comes from. If you can't live without the taste of bacon and want to reduce your saturated fat intake, turkey bacon may be a suitable substitute for cured pork bacon.

A Source of B Vitamins

Turkey bacon is also a good source of B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), and B12 (cobalamin). Niacin helps your body convert food into energy, while pyridoxine and cobalamin are essential for red blood cell production. B vitamins are also important for a healthy nervous system.

The Downside

Sodium is often found in items that are prepared in advance and stored for future consumption and turkey bacon is no exception. When it comes to sodium, turkey bacon has roughly the same amount as pork bacon. Turkey bacon is generally uncured, meaning extra salt or preservatives haven't been added. This makes it a healthier option for people who are watching their sodium intake.

While it is not health to consume any meat product in excess, when consumed in a balanced diet, turkey bacon is a great healthier option. Instead of eating a whole plateful, add some turkey bacon as a garnish to give it the delicious taste of turkey bacon without overdoing it. We love to use turkey bacon as an addition in dishes like salads and pasta dishes!

If you are looking for a healthier option for your next meal, consider turkey bacon. You can find turkey bacon at Stoltzfus Meats, where we specialize in delicious meats products, local baked delicacies, pantry items, and more. Stop by today and pick up some turkey bacon for your next meal, or browse our online catalogue of meats and treats that can be delivered directly to your home.

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