Steamed Hams: Impress your Boss with this Classic Dish!

Steamed Hams: Impress your Boss with this Classic Dish!

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We’ve all been there: the boss is coming over for dinner but you’ve burnt the roast.
What would you do? One option is to recover your senses and opt for take-out at the nearest fast-food restaurant. It’s fairly easy to find a fast-food restaurant that serves hamburgers also known in upstate New York as “Steamed hams.”

Serving steamed hams for dinner was memorably popularized by The Simpsons Season 7-episode ‘22 Short Films About Springfield’, in which Principal Seymore Skinner served his boss Superintendent Chalmers delicious steamed hams.

So what about those of us from outside upstate New York who are unfamiliar with how to make steamed hams? How should we make steamed hams? Does “steamed hams” even mean the same thing?

For those of us who reside outside upstate New York, steamed hams does not mean hamburgers. Instead, it refers to a ham that has been steamed.

How You Can Steam your own Ham

You might be asking yourself, Can you even really steam a ham? My award winning team here at Stoltzfus meats is happy to report Yes, you can in fact steam hams, in fact steamed hams are easy to make.

1. Begin by bringing water to boil in a lidded pot. Ideally, you want the temperature of the steam to reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steamed Ham Bonus Fact 1:

Steaming refers to the process of cooking food using water without immersing the food in the water itself (this latter process is known as boiling). Steamed ham or steamed vegetables retain more of their moisture and more of their nutrients.

2. While your water is heating up, cut the ham into slices. This allows steamed hams to heat up evenly as they steam. It is not possible to cook steamed hams without first cutting the ham into slices.

3. Now you'll season the slices of steamed hams to the desired level. You can also leave the steamed hams unseasoned for a more natural flavor.

Steam Ham Bonus Fact 2:

There is no need for preservatives when you ham properly smoked, as the smoking process is a natural way of preserving food.

4. After slicing and seasoning your steamed hams, the next step is to place the slices of steamed hams into a steaming basket. This is a device that can be placed in a pot over top of the boiling water. Do not immerse the steamed hams in the boiling water.

5. Leave the slices of steamed hams in the steamer for approximately 30 minutes they will be ready to enjoy!

For the last 60+ years we have become famous for our natural flavor. This is because we don’t pump our hams with added water, nor do we use additives like artificial smoke flavoring, and fillers. If you’re interested in trying your handSteamed Ham's at some delicious, steamed hams you can order what critics have called “The Best Ham Ever”. As will all of our meats, All you’ll taste with our steamed ham is lean, high-quality quality pork that has been hardwood smoked to perfection!

Steamed hams make a wonderful sandwich. For the ultimate steamed hams meal, try adding some award-winning Guggisberg Swiss Cheese and Betty Lantz’s Sweet Hot Mustard to the mix. Your boss will be delighted by the deliciousness of the steamed hams and impressed by the clear quality of the ingredients. Steamed hams: an aurora borealis of flavor!

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