How Long Does Scrapple Last In The Fridge Or Freezer?

How Long Does Scrapple Last In The Fridge Or Freezer?

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If you like scrapple as much as we do, you don’t want any of it to go to waste. But you also don’t want to get sick from eating expired scrapple. So if you have scrapple that has been around for quite some time, you may be wondering “How long does scrapple last?”

Most uncooked scrapple can lasts as long as 90 days when sealed in a vacuum pack and stored in the the fridge. If it was not sealed when purchased, it's best to store it in the fridge and consume it within 7 days.

Still not sure if your scrapple is safe or if it’s too old? Keep reading to learn when it’s safe to eat scrapple and when it should be tossed.

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How Long Does Scrapple Keep In The Fridge?

If you purchased packaged scrapple (sealed in a vacuum pack) from the store and put it directly into the fridge as soon as you got home from the grocery store, it may last as long as 90 days.

The reason for this extended shelf life is because of the airtight seal. If the scrapple was not sealed when you purchased it, it's best to refrigerate it and eat it within 7 days.

Depending on where you purchase your scrapple, the quality of ingredients can vary drastically. This is why you may see other sources online suggesting that scrapple only lasts about 7 weeks in the refrigerator. Stoltzfus Meats' scrapple is made from high-quality, fresh ingredients, which is why our scrapple's shelf life is longer than other brands.

The best thing to do is to check the packaging for an expiration date, and avoid consuming it after the expiration date. All of our scrapple here at Stoltzfus Meats has a use by & freeze by date printed on the packaging, so you won't be left wondering.

Once the packaging seal has been broken, it’s best to cook and eat scrapple within 5-7 days or sooner, regardless of the expiration date on the package.

If you’ve made your own scrapple from scratch, we recommend refrigerating it right away and cooking and consuming it within 5-7 days.


How Long Does Scrapple Last In The Freezer?

Depending on the quality of the ingredients, uncooked scrapple can last longer and can better preserve freshness when stored in the freezer. For best results, when you purchase scrapple, if you already know you won’t be able to consume it within the next few days or weeks, put it in the freezer right away.

If you do that, and you are careful not to break any of the seals in the process, then frozen scrapple may last as long as 7-9 months in the freezer. That said, after a few months in the freezer, it will start tasting less and less fresh, so we recommend cooking and consuming scrapple within 3-5 months of freezing it.


How Can You Tell If Scrapple Is Bad?

Even if your scrapple should be safe based on the guidelines above, it’s still a good idea to check if it’s bad before cooking and eating it. Something as simple as accidentally puncturing the seal of the packaging without knowing it could cause your scrapple to go bad much sooner than you had planned.

Most importantly, smell your scrapple before using it. If it smells very strong and foul, it’s best to discard it.

Also look at its color. While scrapple is normally gray, look for any significant changes in coloring such as noticeable darkening or splotches of darker areas. If you see discoloration and notice a questionable odor, that’s a good sign that you should discard that scrapple and buy a fresh batch.


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Does Scrapple Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, it is very important to refrigerate (or freeze) scrapple to keep it as fresh as possible. Scrapple can go bad very quickly when not refrigerated. It’s best to refrigerate it within 60-90 minutes after cooking it or after opening the packaging. After several hours of being outside of the fridge, it is not safe to eat scrapple anymore.


How Do You Store Cooked Scrapple?

For best results, after you cook your scrapple, put it in the fridge right away (within 60-90 minutes of cooking it), and use it within 5-7 days of being in the refrigerator. Be sure to seal the package or container as best as possible, such as in a container with a lid, a zip-lock bag, or several layers of plastic wrap.


My Scrapple Is Bad - What Should I Do?

Throwing away scrapple is a sad, sad occasion. We get it. But it’s best to stay safe, so if you think your scrapple is bad, throw it away and get a new batch.

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