Happy New Year from Stoltzfus Meats

Happy New Year from Stoltzfus Meats

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As we enter a new year, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our reflections on the past year and goals for the coming year. We've asked Travis Rohrer (pictured above, left), the president of Stoltzfus Meats, to share some of his thoughts. Here is what he had to say!

Happy New Year to all of our friends, family, customers, community members, suppliers, and anyone else we missed!  This is a great time every year to look back on all that happened in the last 12 months: goals that were achieved, successes that were had, struggles that were endured, challenges that were overcome, and changes that took place.  For us here at Stoltzfus Meats, 2021 had some of everything – here are a few highlights:.
1) Full integration of our new packing room, warehouse, and enclosed dock at our processing plant (these projects were finished at the end of 2020).
2) Our newly branded refrigerated van – look for it on the road!
3) Welcoming on board numerous great new employees
4) All of our locations achieving year over year sales growth
5) Worked really hard to supply our customers with the products they wanted, consistently, in a timely matter.  This was not the norm in our industry in 2021, and I’m so proud of our teams for all they did to make it happen!
There were also low points in 2021 – the struggle to fill open positions, volatile markets, the impact of COVID on our employees, customers, and business partners.  But through it all, the highs and lows, the successes and struggles, we were reminded again and again of God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.
One of our biggest ongoing blessings is having such great customers, and we are honored to know that so many people count on our products.  In our guiding document, The Stoltzfus Way, we say that “We are privileged guests, invited to [our customers’] tables to provide the centerpiece for some of the most important meals friends and family share.”  This is ever at the forefront of our minds as we evaluate new products, new processes, new employees, and new opportunities.  In everything we do, we want to consider how we can best serve our customers.
As we look forward to 2022, there is a lot to be excited about.  We have a wonderful team that is committed and driven to ensuring continued excellence in the products and service we offer.  We have some great ideas for new and improved products that we will be testing and planning to roll out.  And we have some equipment and facility changes in the works to continue to support future growth.
So here’s to a great year of working together and sharing God’s blessings with one another in 2022!


Marian, thank you for your support! We truly appreciate your kind words and are so excited that you enjoy our products. :)

Stoltzfus Meats,

Do you know last year I won a ham of my choice? It was so fun and the ham was so delicious. We come as often as we can from Havertown PA and love the hicory smoked bacon, red skin potato salad, other deli items, candy, pretzels, baked goods (everything) and the broasted chicken in Amos’s Place. We were there last Saturday and the chef made it so good! We can’t wait to come back. Oh – also we are eating your ham now – not the one we won – we bought one last time we were there. Its so YUM! Love Stoltzfus Meats!

Marian Migliore,

Hi Doris! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We are thankful for your business!

Stoltzfus Meats,

Love this place. Usually comes once a week. It takes us about 35 minutes to get there but it is well worth it. I usually call ahead and order my deli items then get something at Amos’ Place. French fries, hamburgers and chicken are my favorite items. Good job Stoltzfus Meats. Also is is a very clean place.

Doris Mankin,

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